Soft Adventure and Wildlife Viewing

Looking for a truly 'Canadian' experience?

Canada's vast landscape provides hundreds of soft adventure and wilderness/wildlife options. Whether it is Grizzly Bear viewing in the mountains of Coastal B.C., Hiking in the Canadian Rockies or searching for Beluga Whales in Tadoussac or Churchill, the options are endless. Within the Wildlife Section of our tariff we have created seperate sub-sections to make it easier for you to find what your clients are looking for;

  • Bears - Black and Grizzly Bear viewing throughout British Columbia, Alaska and Quebec. Accommodation ranges from rustic to luxurious.
  • Polar Bears - the Polar Bear capital of the world is located in northern Manitoba, in the port city of Churchill on the shores of Hudson Bay.
  • Whales - Canada offers a diverse selection of whale viewing opportunites ranging from Orca, Humpback or Beluga. Our multi-night packages give you the best opportunites for viewing.
  • Other Wildlife - Moose, Seals, Birds or Reindeer, Canada offers so much more.
  • Multi-Species - to be honest, when on a Wildlife Package in Canada, you are not going to be restricted to one type of wildlife - so we created this section to better reflect what you will see. Our personal favourite is "The Ultimatate Bear Viewing" which combines both Grizzly & Polar Bears into a single package - a bucket list trip if there ever was!

Other Examples:

  • Sea Kayaking with the Orca Whales on Vancouver Island - Canadian Signature Experience
  • Cabin & Canoe in Algonquin Park - Canadian Signature Experience
  • Camping, Horseback Trips, Sailing, Golf programs…..there are truly activities to suit all of your clients.

You can access our full range of Soft Adventure and Wildlife Viewing Packages by logging on to our online tariff, or feel free to contact us at: