Fly/Drive Car Touring

With the freedom of the open road and the wide array of options with our extensive collection of routings, there is a program to suit all of your clients' needs.

The right fly/drive package allows your clients to discover the destination their way. From Bed & Breakfasts to luxury lodges in wild and remote locations, we can mix and match accommodation and regions to give you the best possible solution for your client.

Some of our favourite routes which may tempt you:

  • Charming B&B's of Ontario & Quebec - 14 & 21 night itineraries
  • First Nations Cultural Discovery - 8 night programs in Quebec and Ontario along with a 11 night program on Vancouver Island.
  • 12 night Culinary Themed programs of both East and West Canada
  • Unique accommodation options: tented suites, TeePee's, etc. Create a unique camping itinerary for your clients by selecting from over 20 National Park sites in Quebec (SEPAQ) with their Ready-to-Camp system. Bedding and utensils waiting for your clients at each location, just pick and choose where to go.
  • Over 50 different itineraries including 10 incorporating the Yukon & Alaska in the tariff.
  • Contact us at and let them help customize your very own itinerary for your clients.

Fly/Drives are a great way to explore such a vast country as Canada. In addition, all of your clients will have the reassurance of a full local back up service 24/7. We also offer Rental Cars across Canada and Alaska and Motorhome Rentals from select cities.
You can access our full range of Fly/Drive itineraries by logging on to our online tariff, or feel free to contact us at: